EURO 2024: Ukraine hopes to inspire fans amid war at home

Ukraine hopes to inspire millions of fans who will watch EURO 2024, despite the country still suffering from the aftermath of the war.

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Ukraine to address the effects of war at home

This is the first major tournament that Ukraine has qualified for since the war began in 2022.

The Ukrainian squad hopes to put a spotlight on the damages and consequences brought by the war with Russia.

“We need to talk about this,” Rebrov said. “I know that some people are tired about the news of the war. But we are continuing to fight and we need your support.”

“It’s very important that Ukraine is represented in the Euro because we, all Ukrainians, we want to be in [the] European family. On the war we are fighting for all Europe.”

Before heading to Germany, players from the national team appeared in a video highlighting the destruction in their hometowns, 27 months into Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The message reads: “Our home cities would love to host Euro. Right now, they are fighting not for a tournament, but for their freedom.”

Ukraine hopes to show Europe their ‘real character’

Ukraine kicks off its EURO 2024 campaign against neighboring country Romania on on Monday.

Amid the hardships the country is experiencing, Rebrov hopes to become a beacon of hope for the Ukrainian fans.

The former national team star added that the tournament will be an avenue for the squad to showcase the “real character” of Ukraine.

“We all understand that football is not the most important thing now in Ukraine,” he said.

“But I think our successful performance in Europe gives our people in Ukraine positive emotions.”

“Before [the war], when you’re fighting on the pitch, you are thinking only about the result. But I think all of us now are thinking about the result and about showing Europe the real character of our country.”