Mexican fan who was stabbed at Gold Cup revealed shocking details

Mexican fan Emmanuel Diaz, who was stabbed at Gold Cup, revealed shocking details of the brawl inside Levi’s Stadium during the Gold Cup match.

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The incident’s footage still haunted viewers by its violence and brutality, as no football fans could imagine such an incident happening in a game.

What happened

The violence occurred last weekend at Levis’ Stadium during the Gold Cup match between Mexico and Qatar.

Shortly before the final whistle, one Mexican got involved in a brawl and was seriously injured after being stabbed by a knife, which put an open wound on his chest and caused a lot of bleeding.

Mexico lost to Qatar during Gold's Cup clash in Levi's Stadium
Mexico lost to Qatar during Gold’s Cup clash in Levi’s Stadium

The victim was later identified as Emmanuel Diaz, who was hospitalized and in stable condition.

On his bed in a hospital in San Jose, California, Diaz revealed his version of the story.

“He pulled out a knife, and I wanted to take it away from him, but we fell, and that’s when he stabbed me; at the time, I didn’t realize how serious it was because I didn’t feel anything, but when I saw that there was blood on my shirt I stood up and went to the benches, grabbed a bottle of water and poured it on myself,” he continued.

Mexico fan stabbed and bled
Mexico fan stabbed and bled

Diaz and his friends shared their version of what happened at Levi’s Stadium

“We started walking to get to the stairs and go up when a lot of people started throwing beer, they turned around and insulted us; I was in front,” said Maximino Enriquez, Emmanuel’s friend, in an interview with TUDN.

Another of his companions also shared his version of events.

“I don’t remember what they were saying, I just shouted ‘calm down, calm down’, and when the guy pulled out the knife, I told them, ‘he has a knife, you have to take it away’, because now you can’t compete with a fist versus a knife,” said Christian Perez.

Misidentified the suspect

After calling security at Levi’s Stadium, they pointed out the alleged culprit; however, the police failed to act and misidentify one of Emmanuel’s friends, Maximino, as the attacker.

A female and a male suspect in the Mexico stabbed fan incident
A female and a male suspect in the Mexico stabbed fan incident

“The security personnel grabbed me by the shoulder and handed me over to the police, who immediately handcuffed me, took me upstairs, and said on the radio that they already had the man with the knife because I look a bit like him.”

“If it wasn’t for an American who was passing by, she told me that if I needed anything because the officers didn’t speak Spanish and I didn’t speak much English,

“I couldn’t communicate with them. The girl said she had recorded it, showed it to the police, and they realized it wasn’t me.”

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