Premier League agrees record £6.7bn domestic TV rights deal

Premier League is among the best leagues in the world regarding quality and finance, so it will be no surprise to see the price of owning TV rights skyrocket over the years.

With the UEFA Champions League, football fans are bananas over the English Premier League, dubbed the ‘best league in the world.’

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And football enthusiasts now can pray that their local TV giants can afford the price, as the Premier League has agreed to a new record £6.7bn (or $8.45 Bn) domestic television deal for Sky and TNT to show up to 270 live games a season.

Premier League TV deal hit record 6.7 billion pounds
Premier League TV deal hit record 6.7 billion pounds

Premier League’s deal hits record £6.7bn

According to BBC, the top flight said the deal covers the four years from the 2025-26 season and is the “largest sports media rights deal ever concluded in the UK.”

The current £5bn domestic TV rights deal, which was for three seasons and expires at the end of 2024-25, was allowed to be extended because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Premier League says the new agreement, a year longer, is a 4% rise in the value of live rights compared to the previous deal and will “provide financial certainty for clubs throughout professional football until at least 2029”.

“The outcome of this process underlines the strength of the Premier League and is testament to our clubs, players and managers who continue to deliver the world’s most competitive football in full stadiums, and to supporters, who create an unrivalled atmosphere every week,” said Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.

The Premier League said the new deal would provide financial certainty for clubs throughout professional football until at least 2029.

It is the first Premier League tender process since 2018, as the current deal was rolled over in 2021 for an extra three years due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The deal will maintain Premier League clubs’ substantial financial advantage over their European competitors thanks to far more lucrative domestic and international TV rights deals.

International rights for the English top flight overtook the value of domestic rights for the first time last year and are estimated to bring in £5.3 billion between 2022 and 2025.

Details deal for Sky and TNT

The Saturday 3pm blackout will remain in place, but every 2pm Sunday kick-off will be televised.

The BBC’s deal includes MOTD2 and Football Focus plus additional digital rights for its online platforms.

Sky has been awarded four of the five packages and will show a minimum of 215 matches a season including Saturday 5.30pm kick-offs, Sunday 2pm and 4.30pm kick-offs, plus evening games on Mondays and Fridays and three midweek rounds.

TNT will show a minimum of 52 matches a season including all 12.30pm kick-offs on Saturdays and two midweek match rounds.

Sky Sports will also broadcast all 10 matches on the final day of each season.

Amazon, which shows 20 matches per season under the league’s current deal, has not secured rights in the new agreement.

This is the first time the Premier League has been through a tender process for its rights since 2018.

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