“We will not change the NBA Logo to Kobe Bryant” said Adam Silver

Adam Silver revealed that there was no ongoing discussions about changing the NBA’s logo from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant.

Since the untimely death Kobe Bryant due to plane crash, fans and players alike have been finding ways to honor his legacy. Last year, around January and February, there were a lot of people requesting NBA to change their logo to a silhouette of Kobe Bryant. The petition to make Kobe Bryant the new NBA Logo already gained 3.2 millions signatures.

Petition to change the current NBA Logo to Kobe Bryant's silhouette is gaining traction.
Petition to change the current NBA Logo to Kobe Bryant’s silhouette is gaining traction.

This year, Kyrie Irving started the ‘Kobe Bryant logo’ movement back to life again. “Gotta happen, I don’t care what anybody says,” is what Irving had to say on the matter. But according to Adam Silver, NBA has no plans on changing the logo to Kobe Bryant as of yet.

But not all people believes that it’s time to put Kobe Bryant on the NBA logo, like the 76er head coach Doc Rivers which believes that Michael Jordan should be first in line to receive ‘logo honors’.

What are your thoughts in this issue? Do you think its time for a Kobe Bryant NBA Logo? Leave your comment and let us know.