EURO 2024: England settles for 1-1 draw with Denmark

England failed to secure an instant berth in the knockout stage of EURO 2024 after settling for a 1-1 draw with Denmark on Thursday.

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Denmark prevents England from advancing in EURO 2024 Round-of-16

The game got off to a rough start from both teams, with the match marred with wayward passes.

Harry Kane scored in his fourth successive major tournament to put England on the scoreboard in the 18th minute.

The England captain joins Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney as the players to score for England at the most major tournaments.

However, Denmark remain unfazed in the first half and they were able to capitalize on Three Lions’s sloppy play.

Kane’s pass up the field from a throw-in went to Victor Kristiansen, who quickly dished it out to Morten Hjulmand.

The 24-year-old converted the much-needed in the equalizer for Denmark after converting a long-range bomb from about 30 yards.

England almost broke the deadlock when Phil Foden narrowly missed a shot off the post in the second half.

“We believe we could win”

Denmark manager Kasper said it was a shame that his side did not make the most out of their chances to dispatch England.

Nonetheless, Hjulmand urged his squad to maintain their standards.

“I can’t say we are disappointed but it’s a shame. There was a result there we could have gotten,” said Hjulmand.

“We believed we could win. We played well but the most important thing is that we play like we did today in the upcoming games.”

“I know we have been looking for this kind of game for some time. It’s taken us a while.”

“Today we showed how we really play and express ourselves – with quality, with fire – this is how we want to play.”


“We’re falling a little bit short…”

Meanwhile, the heavily-favoured England has yet to assert their dominance in Group C.

Gareth Southgate’s side barely escaped with a 1-0 opening win over Serbia.

Even the England boss himself admitted that his squad is struggling to meet the lofty expectations of winning EURO 2024.

 “We know the level has to be higher; we know the level can be higher,” he said.

“Maybe the biggest thing is we have to accept the environment that we’re in and the expectations that are around us. We are going to have to walk towards that challenge.”

“At the moment we’re falling a little bit short of that. Ultimately that’s my responsibility. I’m the manager, and I’ve got to guide this group in the best way possible. To achieve extraordinary things, you have to go through some difficult moments.”


Battle for Group C supremacy

Both England and Denmark have the chance to advance in the Round-of-16.

England faces Slovenia in their final group game on Tuesday, while the Danes have match with Serbia on the same day.