EURO 2024: Hungary’s Varga now stable after facial fractures

Hungary’s Barnabas Varga is in stable condition in the hospital after suffering facial fractures during Sunday’s 1-0 win over Scotland.

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Varga in stable condition after suffering facial fractures

The Hungarian striker collided midair with Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn in the 68th minute.

Varga had to be stretchered off the pitch, with Hungary captain Szoboszlai and the medical staff carrying him.

Officials then held a sheet to cover Varga from the crowd as he was tended to for several minutes.


The Hungarian Football Federation posted an update on X, stating that Varga is in stable condition and spending the night in a hospital in Stuttgart.

“Barnabas Varga’s condition is stable. The Hungarian national team player is currently in one of the hospitals in Stuttgart.”

The federation added that the 29-year-old also suffered from several broken bones and a concussion.

“Several bones in Barnabás Varga’s face were broken during the collision during the match, and he also suffered a concussion. The @Fradi_HU striker is most likely to undergo surgery. He spends the night in the hospital in Stuttgart.”


Hungary squad got worried after collision

Hungary coach Marco Rossi said the entire squad was worried about Varga’s condition after the unfortunate incident.

The Italian boss also ruled out his injured player for the remainder of the tournament.

“I don’t know if he suffered a collision with the goalkeeper or with an opponent because it was a confused situation. That’s why the VAR was checking if it was a penalty or not,” he said.”

“What I heard from the players is that Barney [Varga] in that moment did not look conscious. So everybody was really worried about his condition, and also worried about the fact that the doctors arrived a little late, we can say. But probably they didn’t realise it was a dangerous situation.”

“Fortunately now, I can say that Barney is not under any kind of risk. Probably he will be operated [on] in the coming hours because he suffered a fracture here [points to face]. But he is healthy. The most important thing is he’s healthy.”

“Of course, and for sure if we go through the competition he will not be any more a part of the team.”